Purposeful Perception

Welcome to PurposefulPerception.com.

PurposefulPerception.com is a fun place to explore your limiting perceptions, come to a full understanding of how your limiting perceptions are created, and how you can shift them to embrace your soul’s fullest potential.

Here you will find tools to support and motivate you on your journey of developing a greater awareness to rock this life.

The great teacher Carl Jung once said “What is not integrated from the unconscious casts itself outward as our fate.”

Jessica Nojek Author, Life Coach, Blogger Purposeful PerceptionPurposeful Perception is about developing a purposeful and deliberate connection with your mind, so you are empowered to use your mind to your full advantage, rather than allow it to use you.

“One does not become enlightened 
by imagining figures of light, 
but by making the darkness conscious.”  
Carl Jung

Let’s take the plunge together, it’s all about owning our uncool.
Big Love, Jessica Let's Rock BIG Love!

New from the Purposeful Perception Blog

Heartbroken? Keep on Dancing. - A tribute to the outpouring of love that has been invoked through an Orlando tragedy. Sometimes you just feel like your heart is broken, and all you can do is reach out to others in an effort to remember our connectivity and that we must continue to celebrate life. Or as Jimmy Fallon puts it, "Keep on Dancing."
Rusted Root Redux: The Real Deal On Change, Compassion & Acceptance - The band Rusted Root gets honest and candid about life's struggles and how they have made them who they are today!
Let’s Take the Leap Together! What Does Being a Loser Mean to You? - What does being a loser mean to you? It's all about perception! Turning Loserville into an opportunity to inspire others is not just an idea, it is one of the greatest gifts we all have to share with one another. Let's take the leap together.
It’s Time Again! Asheville Musician Gavin Conner on Sharing Without Expectations - Ignoring what our heart wants is not an option. Check out the latest in the Owning Your Uncool Series with Asheville rock star Gavin Conner! Following your heart may be the most important thing you can ever do.

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12 thoughts on “Purposeful Perception

  1. Are you a professional writer? You clearly articulated your thoughts in your writing on Purposeful Perception | Embracing Your Soul&. I would love to invite you to visit my article on vin check. Come check it out – thank you!

    1. I feel so inspired by your comment 😉 I heard a quote this morning by Nelson Mandela about how our gift is one another, and it is our responsibility to see that and lift one another up. Thank you for helping me see it again, today.

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