Since this is my first official “blog” post, I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and the nature of my writing. Hopefully, my writing will lead you on its own into my world as a teacher and intuitive life coach, but a little explanation may be warranted!

My name is Jessica, and I am an intuitive life coach trained in Jungian psychology by teacher and writer Debbie Ford. A long time ago I was dabbling in a lot of different spiritual work in an effort to expand and shed a little light on my darkness. On my journey I met a dear friend and life coach, Jana Fleming, at a conference in Washington DC. Jana used to send out newsletters and was in the process of becoming an integrative coach through Debbie Ford’s program. I would read them, enjoy them and carry on. Then, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. One day I was enjoying breakfast and I saw Jana- we instantly recognized one another, and she helped open a new road for me and my work. I had just moved there from Virginia, and she had just moved there from Florida!

Through the experience of my own suffering and the development of compassion for others’ suffering, I have always asked the universe to use me as a tool to help others end their suffering- to understand it, and find a way to bring healing into their own reality. In doing so, I have been deeply involved in my own journey of healing, in an effort to help others. My journey has included deep shadow work (owning the darkest caverns of my psyche), meditation, Mahayana Buddhism and writing. Carl Jung has been a great teacher to me, along with a myriad of others.

As I became a coach, I also began to study Mahayana Buddhism as well as the teachings on Emptiness. Emptiness transformed my life, and thus my book developed. I have completed my book, titled “My Great Perception Divide”, and this book is the beginning of my focus in working with people to develop a deeper understanding of their suffering. My book in itself is partly a summary of my own “story.” My story is linked to the development of my own understanding of how I have given my power away to perception and point of view. In the book, my story is intertwined with the stories of a variety of diverse teachers as well as teachings that have come my way from Buddhism, the Course in Miracles- even Walt Whitman.

This blog is a continuation of my book which is in the process of publication. My intention is to provide readers with fun, thought provoking posts that will empower readers to reflect on their well being and how they interact with the world from their ego-driven mind and their spiritual nature. I would like to encourage readers to please send me questions regarding what comes up for them, so I may have a chance to also answer and give more insight on how I work as an intuitive coach and author in assisting others on their healing process.

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