“A man who is unconscious of himself acts in a blind, instinctive way and is in addition fooled by all the illusions that arise when he sees everything that he is not conscious of in himself coming to meet him from outside as projections upon his neighbor.”  Carl Jung


I know the term “life coach” may sound funny, but there are lots of reasons to use a life coach.  The type of coach you choose depends on the level of work you want to do in your personal relationship with yourself.  We all get stuck due to our habitual mind, and we know we’re stuck when we feel stagnant, out of control or tired of the same old issues popping up between us and either our job or relationships. These feelings are usually in an area in your life that does not reflect what you think you want, and leave you walking away with a feeling of frustration that no matter how hard you try to accomplish something, you always sabotage yourself and succumb to your comfort zone.  When I coach someone it involves a 12 week committed process of accountability and action steps geared toward a goal of some kind.


All coaches are trained in a specific process of coaching based on a “model”.  I am trained in Blueprint Coaching, a type of integrative coaching created by Debbie Ford.  Blueprint Coaching takes you into weekly processes that confront the origin of limiting belief systems, and give you the space to not only see them from an outside perspective without judgment, but to also replace them with new ideas that support your present vision for your life and goals.


My role as a coach is to support you, hold you accountable and hold you in your highest as you engage in your weekly work.  We will uncover together the many aspects that exist within you acting out your old, limiting perceptions that we are typically unconscious or unaware of and have even outgrown.

Blueprint Coaching is deeply rooted in the work of the Shadow Process by Debbie Ford, which in turn is deeply rooted in Jungian psychology.  Carl Jung believed that as we grew up, we encountered emotional experiences that we gave meaning to, and usually rejected certain aspects of our self.


The meaning we placed on our personal experiences created our unconscious blueprint- a system of beliefs that we operate on like a computer program, most of the time without conscious knowledge.  Blueprint Coaching is designed to take you into your past experiences and belief systems, and show you through an internal process each week, how they control you in the present moment so you can gain a new perspective and choice in the matter in how you react to present situations that connect with old judgments you made about yourself.

Our goals and what we really desire in our life usually connect psychologically to our deeply rooted judgments we made about ourselves in our past.  When you choose to work in the Blueprint Coaching model, you are choosing to become conscious of these old judgments that you operate on, and work on self acceptance to gain a self empowering view that will support you in your goals as well as your vision for your life.


When talking about my coaching work with someone, they gave me a tidbit about their own experience they had with limiting belief systems.  She had trouble in her marriage, and realized- if I don’t like myself, how can my husband like me?  This is a perfect example of how limiting perceptions about ourselves reflect in our outer relationships.  The minute she shifted her self-perception, her marriage was transformed and continues to thrive.

4 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. “My role as a coach is to support you and hold you in your highest as well as accountable throughout your weekly work towards your new goal and life’s vision.”

    You do realise that this is not a cogent grammatical sentence, don’t you? You have at least one noun and at least one instance of the auxilliary verb, “to be” missing, and the result is just gibberish, devoid of any lexical content.

      1. Jessica, the kind way in which you responded to the “bonsai” above says a lot about your character, (especially since you didn’t correct his punctuation). By the way, “to be” would completely alter the meaning of the sentence and therefore exemplify issues with syntax not lexicon. My take on the sentence was that your role as a coach is to support and hold your student to his highest potential as well as hold him accountable… and forgive my political incorrectness with the once universal pronoun “he/him.”

        But, hey, he was probably joking and I hope both ya’ll have a jim dandy day! (Vernacular.)

        P.S. I also love the teachings of Jung and your positive philosophy! Clearly I need some of both!

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