Giving Ourselves to the World

Giving Ourselves to the World
By: Jessica Burnham

In continuing our discussion on emptiness, a friend asked me a really good question regarding his work as an artist. In being an artist, he was questioning his life’s work. He asked, “Is it vain” to put all this time into creating his art? Is it me pushing my point of view onto others? I thought this was a really important question.

We are all given gifts of medium. We come into this life with our own ways of connecting with oneness. We are all given gifts to help the collective consciousness end its suffering. So is it vain to allow your soul’s gift to be used as a medium for the greater good of all? Or is it vain to not use it at all, and make your self small by hiding this aspect of God? We are all expressions of this great spiritual power- and we come into this life with a choice. How will we choose to be used?

We can interpret this in many ways. Yes, we have free will- but most of us abandon our free will in the programming of our mind. Recently, I was thinking about rebelliousness. Most of the time we react blindly to everyone around us- whether it is another driver on the road, or someone you’ve known all your life. Growing up, I myself was rebellious against the status quo, popularity. I thought to myself- I don’t want to be a part of what EVERYONE is doing, so I’ll be different. I’ll hang out with the hipsters, and choose nonconformity, as opposed to conformity. What was funny to me about this idea in my present psychology- was how ironic that choice was. Honestly, I was even more plugged into conformity by choosing consciously to be a nonconformist. I played into that hand, and was controlled by that social group because I had to use so much energy to not be like them. And, I thought I was choosing not to be controlled!

This example of choosing to be used is the opposite of choosing to be used in your faith. When we hand our life over to our deepest, sacred connection to the universe, we are giving up our control and asking the universe to take us to where we are most needed. No matter the profession, we are always working to connect to as many people as possible in some form or another. Whether it be through selling a product, or cleaning up people’s garbage- we need to have a medium of connection. An artist can contribute greatly as a medium for connecting with the world around them. Whether it be in graphic design, or working with troubled children- art can work as an expression of the divine if we allow it.

Our greatest gifts can also come from our greatest tragedies. We can choose to learn something from an experience, and take it to new levels, or we can choose to be a victim. I grew up out of my childhood into a fabulous example of co-dependency. This co-dependent mindset gave me a great opportunity to see how I was really being used unconsciously. My co-dependency fulfilled my greatest wish- it brought me to times of despair. To times where my woundedness broke me and all I could do was turn over my life to faith. That was my only choice- and it was the one that worked.

Our viewpoints will always exist because our ego will always exist. And, much of the time they will be laced in our work. But, there are healthy ways to work with our viewpoints, perceptions, and belief systems. Most of the time, we feel helpless to the world around us. It just keeps going, and we walk around going with it- whatever that direction. So why not go in ‘whatever direction’ with your soul, higher self, in conjunction with the greatest wisdom of the universe, leading the way? We are always being used- so why not choose what will use us? With the intention in hand, and our purpose that excites us- the most beautiful story can unfold before our eyes and life as we know it can become something we don’t know- yet filled with that familiar feeling that this is your authentic self. This is divinity in action.

We can be a part of the change we wish to see in the world. What is your vision of change? How can you take that vision and become a part of it rather than it stay in this safe, cushiony place outside of yourself? How safe is it to not step outside of our little cozy box and give our self to the world? How many leaders in this world that worked for great change to end human suffering were sitting at home in their ‘cozy box’? James Farmer? Gandhi?

Many people who teach others to work with spirit- whether it is angels, deities, protectors- always mention an important part of the equation: ask. Go within and ask- use your power of free will to connect with your path into oneness. It will be the greatest gift you could ever give to the world.

Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
Kahlil Gibran

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