Lighting one candle
With another candle—
Spring evening.

No, it’s not spring.  In fact, we are about to begin the last quarter of the year with weather changing from cool to even cooler.  But one aspect still remains, regardless of the weather outside- us.  What do I mean by the word “us”?  A group of souls gathered around one another, searching for meaning in the next moment.  Asking, questioning, and wondering.  Our curiosity is always bending like a roundabout in the road, leading us to one another in the wake of another disaster, or another joyous occasion.

As I ponder on “us”, I always come back to the one projecting the thoughts- me.  Yet I am not isolated like my ego-driven mind would like me to believe.  And, if it were not for you, dear candle alight whenever I may feel blind in my darkness, I would not know anything.  My wisdom is not isolated.  My wisdom is alight because it has been lit by another, and for that I am eternally grateful.

When I opened my Haiku companion this evening, I was delighted to read this tender piece written by Buson.  As I can always trust in my higher self to deliver to me a piece of knowledge that will continue to illuminate those parts of my being that wish to be expressed, here was another beautiful piece written by someone so long ago, so far away.  Yet it is exactly what I was feeling in my heart and looking to articulate.  And Buson did it for me.   All I had to do was elaborate from my little piece of reality at this moment.  Thank you, Buson, for being here with me right now.

And thank you, dear one, for being here to read this post and continue the illumination from one soul to another realizing our true nature, our oneness in mind and deepest expressions of love.  It is my dream that as our awareness continues to grow in one another, the expansion of our potential will give way to a reality that is rooted in the truest acknowledgment of one another as a simple extension rather than a separate aspect of our selves.  That the delusion that we each give cause for reaction may simply dissolve yielding a constant peace.

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